home |    current issue |    previous issues |    subscription |    guide to authors |    log on   acta acta articles hemifacial spasm in correlation with electrophysiological and radiological findings 2008, n° 3 (vol. 108/3) p. 94-98 figen tokucoglu, hasan kamil sucu, mehmet celebisoy and fazil gelal ii. Neurology clinic, neurosurgery clinic, radiology clinic, ataturk research and training hospital izmir, turkey abstract: objective : to investigate the correlation between the electrophysiological and radiological findings of primary hemifacial spasm patients subjects : patients with primary hemifacial spasm who had had no botulinum toxin treatment previously were included in the study. Design : in this prospective study patients underwent cerebral magnetic resonance imaging,a magnetic resonance angiography investigation and an electrophysiological examination after informed consent had be given by the patients. The facial nerve distal latency, amplitude and blink reflex responses were recorded as well as clinical and demographic data. Results : twenty five patients completed radiological and electrophysiological investigations. The radiological investigations disclosed neurovascular compromise which can cause hemifacial spasm in twelve patients (48%) while the findings of two patients were not considered as a certain cause of hemifacial spasm. All patients except two had at least one electrophysiological abnormality (92%). The most frequent finding was an increased r1/d ratio which suggested an increased central conduction time. generic viagra online cheap generic viagra women viagra for sale buy cheap viagra classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-viagra-cheap-buy-canada-gi/ cheap viagra online http://howtosmudge.com/pjn-can-i-buy-viagra-without-a-prescription-dk/ buy generic viagra buy cheap viagra online uk cheap viagra uk next day delivery Conclusion : in this study, an increased r1/d ratio suggests that there is a functional impairment in the brain stem even if it is not possible to disclose structural abnormalities in some hemifacial spasm patients. Combining magnetic stimulation may be a useful tool for further investigations. An inadequate radiological investigation might be the cause of relatively low radiological abnormalities in comparison with the electrophysiological ones. Full article: file : 03-tokucoglu et al. Pdfsize : 75. 73 kbdocument type : pdf file to download the full article, click on 'download'. Download © 1950-2012 acta neurologica belgica | non-profit organization, all rights reserved » disclaimer -confidentiality - -. Toolkit toolkitall unigene unists search advanced help result filters display settings: abstract format summary summary (text) abstract abstract (text) medline xml pmid list apply send to: choose destination file clipboard collections e-mail order my bibliography citation manager format summary (text) abstract (text) medline xml pmid list csv create file 1 selected item: 18759569 format summary summary (text) abstract abstract (text) medline xml pmid list mesh and othe. viagra viagra viagra quale migliore